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Attention Class of 2005 -- 10 Year Reunion Planned
It's been 10 years already!  Join us for Imlay City High School's Class of 2005 10-year reunion.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Mulefoot Gastropub
596 South Cedar, Imlay City
7:00 PM -- Midnight

Tickets are $45 person.  Significant others are welcome to attend the event.  Ticket price includes a strolling dinner and two drink tickets per person.  Cash bar is also available for additional drink purchases.  Please register by July 25th with Amanda (Lamb) Prater at or cell 810-656-1762.

Attention Class of 1965 Members!

The 50th anniversary celebration of the Class of 1965 is scheduled for Saturday, September 26, 2015 at the Castle Creek Club in Lum.  Golf at 1:00 pm and dinner at 6:00 pm.  Classmates in attendance will receive their "Golden Diploma" from the alumni association.  Check the list of "missing classmates" to help us find members of this class.

The Class of 1965 will ride on a float in the Blueberry Parade on Saturday, July 25th.  For questions call Sandy (Blank) Iloncai at 810-724-6431.

Class of 1942 
-- Meets Thursday, September 10 -- Noon -- Silver Grill Restaurant, Imlay City.  For questions call Harold Schonfeld at 810-724-3576.

Class of 1950 -- Meets Saturday, September 12 -- Noon -- Lenny Miller's Restaurant, Dryden.

Class of 1951 -- ​Meets Friday, September 11 -- Noon -- Silver Grill Restaurant, Imlay City.

​Class of 1953 -- ​Meets Saturday, July 25 -- Noon -- Countryside Banquet Center, Imlay City.

​Class of 1959 -- ​Plans are pending.  Call Tom Herman at 810-724-1277 for further details.

Note:  The next all-class reunion will be held in 2016.  The class of 1965 and 1966 will be inducted into the Half Century Society at that event.

The ICHS Class of 1985 held their reunion on June 6, 2015, exactly 30 years to the day, at Louie's Tavern in Lapeer.  Shown below are those in attendance at this year's reunion.
2015 reunion 
(Left to Right) Back Row--Tom Schutz, Shirley (Keeley) Cook, Lonny Hill, Susie (Maldonado) Brinker, Bob Hempton, Kenny Paul, Scott Stone, Jessica (Gilmore) Gabbard, Mikal (Woodruff) Gibson, Carla (Tantanella) Zuhlke, Laura (Casey) Hartway, Alana (Hollenbeck) Brocker, Angie (McClure) Woidan, Alan Cowell.  Front Row -- Terry Wright, Shelly (Treash) Frantz, Shelly (Lacey) Saylers.  Not shown but in attendance Loren Tanis.

football field
Below is a photo of the 1985 graduation of the Class of 1985 which was held on the football field.

The ICHS Class of 1974 met on 26th 2014 to celebrate their 40th anniversary.  Pictured below are left to right:

Barb Schwan Twiss, Millie Hammond Blackstone, Nancy Coscarelli, Vickie Wheeler Reintjes, Tim Laarman, Donna Warren Huertas, Bob Bridges, Del Spencer, Sherry Timmer Middaugh, Jerry Seidell, Ellen West Cuny, Dennis Buike, Janet Fisk Blomberg, Howard Hoover, Karen Albrecht Revitzer, Bill Moak, Kay Irish Hennes, Bob Muir, Nancy Robinson Martilla, David Penzien, Dawn Hillman Moses, Leah Whitkopf Montroy, Kent Nettnay, and Calvin Dowling.

Class of 1974--1Class of 1974 members lead the float in the Blueberry Festival Parade.  Carrying the class banner below are left to right:  Barb Schwan Twiss, Kay Irish hennes, Ellen West Cuny, Tim Laarman, Jerry Seidell, Millie Hammond Blackstone, and Leah Whitkopf Montroy.

Class of 1974--2

The ICHS Class of 1964 met on July 25, 2014 to celebrate their 50-year anniversary.  Pictured below are left to right:

Front Row -- Kay (Martz) Hendrickson, Anne (Braidwood) Watt, Evelyn (Treadgold) Hoeksema, Carol (Priehs) Jager, Charlotte (Gass) Miller, Alice (Brinker) Boulan, Karen (Hoover) Ransaw.
Middle Row -- Brenda (Clark) Nagy, Karen (Grigg) Martinez, Mick Sharrard, Bob Watt, Gary Miller, Janette (Schalau) Dotson, Charlotte (Goodrich) White, Jim Siegler.
Back Row -- Warren VanPutten, Dawn (Geno) Covetz, Jim Gascho, Bob Makedonsky, Peter Norlin, Bill Schell, Tom Germayne, Gary Roy, Dick Bridenbaugh, Gerald Yacks, Gary Hoeksema, Dave Gibbard, Gary Stoldt.

Class of 1964

Class of 1963

50th Anniversary reunion of the Class of 1963 held on August 3, 2013.  Pictured above are (front) Janet Youngs Teltow, Rosemary Moore Scott, Susan Lengemann Filson, Linda Whitkopf Musselman, Kathy Delmore Wroblewski, Janet Szabo Nelson, Beverly Capes Draper, James King, (middle) Jim Fenslau, Ruth Ann Goodrich Prey, Diane Roth Adams, Carol Bogart Combs, Jean Lickley Hudson, Rosemarie Wolf Schumann, Vicki Vincent Thompson, Marlene Rathka Drake, Judy Meyer VanDenBerg, Cherril Gray, Rose Mary Ruby, Carole Woodworth Nelson, Jim King, (back) Reggie Powers, Nick Madeline, Tom Hall, Barry Schlicht, George Lang, Leo Baker, Melvin Greenwald, Graham Benoit, Mike Verran, Lesie Worden, Larry Clark.

Shown below -- The class of 1964 rides in the Blueberry Festival parade, escorted by the alumni association.
Ann Watt's Float Picture

The Class of 1961 celebrated their 50th anniversary on Saturday, August 6, 2011 at the Countryside Banquet Center.  Shown above are those 1960 grads in attendance.

The Class of 1991 celebrates their 20
th Anniversary at the Holly Meadows Golf Club in Capac on Saturday, August 6, 2011.



2010 Reunion Celebrations Include a Ride in the Blueberry Parade...



Members of the Class of 1959 Receive Golden Diplomas August 7, 2010


Shown Above are Left to Right:
Front Row SeatedLee Delannoy, Tom Herman, Lea (Delannoy) Lockwood, Sandra (Stover) Bradburn, Judy (Watkins) Payne, Alice (Penzien) Steckly, Marguerite (Cater) Morrone, Bill Spencer. 

Middle Row SeatedMary Jo Maples, Carol (Dale) Gould, Shirley (Phillips) Wright, Ruth (Yntema) Cischke, Nacho Ramirez, Andy VanderPloeg, Kay (Snoddy) Schwartz, Kathryn (Treadgold) Konarski, Judy (Smith) Watz. 

Back Row Standing Kenneth Stephens, Tony Castillo, Mike Shayna, Tom Dwyer, Ismael Rosas, Reese Kittle, Sue (Tanis) Romine, Ralph Clark.

Members of the Class of 1960 Receive Golden Diplomas August 7, 2010


Shown Above are Left to Right:
Front Row Seated
– Carolyn (Dean) Balko, Gary Tong, Hoyt Showler, Larry Kennel, Dean Goodrich 

Middle Row Seated – Kenny Smith, Elizabeth Homer, Barbara (Badder) Mathews, Janet (Warner) Stout, Charlene (Weemaes) Klug, Dave Smith, Ruth Ann (Brinker) Thibodeau, Steve Balabon. 

Back Row Standing – Tom Bradburn, John Stapleton, Shirley (Swailes) McKillop, Margaret (Skeberdis) Gettel, Gary Teal, Reese Kittle.

ICHS Class of 1959 Celebrates 50 Years!
Shown below are class members riding their float in the Blueberry Festival parade and escorted by the Alumni Association

ICHS Class of 1969 Renews Old Friendships
at Their 40th Anniversary Celebration

Shown below left to right are….

Glenn Dean, Paul McCorry, Marlene (Lee) Bruns, David Brown, Carold (Stoldt) Winslow, Paul Dungey, Connie (Timmer) Dungey, Wally Northrop, John Burger, Tom VanPutten, Marilyn (Stoldt) Schlau, Sue (Wilcox) Etherton-Frans, Kathy (Sills) Weber, Les Timmer, Crystal (Cowell) Timmer, Mike Chrivia, Linda (McLeish) Webb
Sharon (Ryckman) Jones, Sue (Dodson) Belcher, Nancy (Stryker) Schiller, Janis (Weaver) Duke, Nancy (Godo), Myrna (Schumacker) Roiser,  Judy (Cornell) Thomas

ICHS Class of 1984 Renews Old Friendships at Their 25th Anniversary Celebration

(Members Attending are Shown Above)

ICHS Class of 1999 Holds Their 10th Anniversary Celebration 

Above Left to Right
Back Row: 
Meghan (Betka) Boss, Christy (Parsch) Conn, Stefanie (Murray) Bruce, Sara (Bissett) Hoell, Kari (Nelson) Kuchenmiester, Ana Martinez, Laura Plunkitt, Leticia Armstrong, Sasha (Hutchins) VanderPloeg, Rachel Roszczewski, Darby VanAntwerp, Sarah (Krajenta) Sugg, Brian Sills.
Front Row:  Beth Reinbold, Ayako Yamasaki, Shana (Sinn) Baril, David Jewell, Nichole (Fritch) Weingartz.

The Class of 1985 held their 20th reunion in July of 2005.  Plans are underway for the 25th in August of 2010. 

Shown in 2005 photo are:
Front Row
:  Chris Bosch, Suzi Maldonado Brinker, Shirley Keeley Cook 

Second Row:  Mary Finton Ferris, Laurie Beach Barry, Alana Hollenbeck Brocker, Carla Tantanella Zuhlke, Julie Brinker Timmer, Suzette Merwin Robinson, Beth Slingerland Sullivan, Trisa Mainville Kujawa, Julie Weingartz Mullens, Bob Hempton, Tom Schutz 

Back Row:  Brian Hill, Lonny Hill, Evert South, Anthony Pratt, Mike Aitken, Bill O’Dell, Unidentified, Unidentified, Bryan Stover, Keith Hagemeister




The Class of 1978 Celebrates their 30th anniversary at the all-class reunion held on Saturday, August 2, 2008.

Classmates shown above are:  Back Row (left to right) Mike Rankin, Chris Touchette, Roger Johnson, Steve Godo, Joe Ramirez, Chris Robberstad.  Front Row (left to right) Paul Iloncai, Patty (Schutz) Jackson, Larry Ferrett, Marcia (Rankens) Anderson, Gayle (Hollenbeck) Vandercook, Lynette VanderPloeg, Laurie (Jessop) Greenwald, Sharon (Smith) Schmalz, Jan (Bruce) Thompson, Rick Romine, Peggy Mauk, Nancy (Jurn) Parsch, George Botello, Mary (Brewer) Workman

And a Great Time Was Had By All………following are photos of some of the 2007 reunions.

Members of the Class of 1997 pictured below in attendance for the 10-year reunion held on August 11 are:

(Left to Right)

Hilary (Soule) Jacobsen, Julie (Treash) Couzens, Rob Balsis, Kim (Kramek) Balsis, Jeff Schutz, Jeff Tredeau, Tamara (Bruss) Mills, Gene Pittenger, Stephanie (Famularo) Guerin, Dan Shevnock, Raechel Butterworth, Reggie Madeline, Nicole Baker, Nate Smith, Jason Bolduc, Amy Fultz, Jessica Kaarlela, Alex Hummel, and Jennifer Edwards.

Members of the Class of 1982 at their 25th year reunion, August 2007.  More photos are available at

Pictured from left to right are Ed Brown, Dane Fox, Amy (Thomas) Lee, Kevin Ross, Charles Giles, Sue (Harding) Sarters, Lisa (Rohmer) Jessop, Linda (Mattson) Forrest, Dave Forrest, Margaret (Conley) Bopra, Michelle Mott, Chris (Rumery) Babcock, Dennis Cischke, Lynn (Weinmann) Swain, Mike Louwsma, Mike Guerrero, Todd Christner, Steve Jessop, Matt Smith, Mike Karinen, Carol (Teal) Christner, Carla (Deming) Jepsen, and Debbie (Smith) Reker.

Members of the Class of 1976 in attendance at their 31-year reunion on August 11, 2007.

Pictured Front Row, Left to Right

Marty Osborne, Sandra (Ettema) Johnson, Karen Moore, Janice (Hess) Young, Darrell Dick, Elementary Teacher Mary Lou Bissett, Tamera (Cook) Balk, Vonda (Halstead) Zuhlke, Donna (Bickmann) Schweiger, Kim Watz.

Back Row, Left to Right

Randy Ettema, Lori (Makedonsky) Caughel, Dave Showler, Lori (Brandt) Zaracki, Tim Robinson, Delores (Sanchez) Rhodes, Rachel (Garcia) Whetstone, Colleen (Charbeneau) Wildner, Karen (Preisel) Drake, Bill Wildner, Ginger Seeley, Lynn Walton, Cheryl Campbell, Laurie (Timmer) Williams, Gary Walton, Colleen (Coenen) Rider, Michelle (Super) Schutz, Jeff Schutz, Cindy (Fulton) Bilinsky.

Members of the Class of 1977 in attendance at their 30-year reunion on August 11, 2007.

Pictured Front Row Seated, Left to Right

Craig Arnold, Lenny VanDerPloeg, Jeff Muxlow, Brad Snyder, John Manes, Ed Herbert.

Second Row Seated, Left to Right

Mike Radelt, Amy (Tietz) Showler, Brenda (Bissett) Thurlow, Linda (Czelada) Homer, Elementary Teacher Mary Lou Bissett, Vickie Upleger, Kathy (Smith) Hartwell, Karen (McKillop) Kline, Richard Cowell, Dale Langley.

Third Row Standing, Left to Right

Karen (Clarkson) Downey, Dawn (Donovan) Pardon, Dale Eathorne, Cindy (Timmer) Tiemayer, Delma (Dick) Robbberstad, Michele (Cooke) Stine, Duane Penzien, Judy (Hill) Roszczewski, Debbie (Delannoy) Cook, Denise (Price) Leonard.
Back Row Standing, Left to Right
David Pistrui, Cathy (Fulton) Clark, Mike Secord, Vince McDermott, Chuck Stroman, Rob Rider, Bill Vandercook, Ken (Swihart) Hart, Marlin Fisk, Matt Siegler, Jeff Rankens.

Members of the Class of 1987 in attendance at their 31-year reunion on August 11, 2007.
Left to Right

Mr. & Mrs. Mori (Amy Simunic), Mr. and Mrs. Tim Cohoon, Ben Sanchez.

Left to Right

Chris (Shevnock) Whitehead, Lucy Nettles, Dawn (Paul) Gontko, Shari (Alexander) Ruesink.

Left to Right

Michelle (Herman) Wagner, Melisa (Hollenbeck) Clatterbaugh, Dennis & Diane Franey.

Back Row Standing, Left to Right

Tine (Racine) Thomas, John Kammerer, Shari (Alexander) Ruesink, Doug Lowe, Lucy Nettles, Tim Cohoon.

Members of the Class of 1957 in attendance at their 50-year reunion on August 4, 2007 are left to right:

Front Row

Austin Stroman, Muriel (Clarkston) Maxfield, Dawson Whitkopf, Reva (Hoeksema) Horst.

Second Row
Dan Finton, Jerry Greenman, Barb (Dean) Mauk, Kathy (Zuhlke) Doyle, Jerry Watz
Back Row

Jack Hoeksema, John Mulder, Lee Lucas, Marilyn (Swailes) Swihart, Carol (Pizzimenti) Schaeffer, Larry Best, Mary (McLean) Tietz, Stan Stover, Betty (Harris) Eltezam, Don Rowley, Vic Walker, Carol (Henry) Sweet, Richard Day, Wilma (Elling) Van Dyk, Larry Brandt, Don Bicknell, Don Sweet

Members of the Class of 1949 in attendance at their reunion on September 22, 2007 are left to right:
James Weiss, Eleanor (Yntema) Walker, Nancy (Jahn) Lee, Eva (Upleger) Teal, Richard Irish, Virginia (Simons) Touchette, Al Jager, Bruce Reside, Art Shaw, Richard Walker


'True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.'

-Kurt Vonnegut